·Vibrant colors, clear layers and the color of the pattern is realistic and complete

·Strong ink absorption capacity, thick ink absorption layer

·The surface is smooth and clean

·Powder well-distributed and it’s clean after shaking powder

·Single-sided and double-sided optional, size can be customized, easy to peel off

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·The white ink has good covering, high whiteness, certain elasticity and soft hand feeling

·The color ink is bright, the color gamut is wide, the printing effect is restored to the real, and the pattern level is full

·The printed ink is uniform and does not sag, and the powder of the edge of the pattern is shaken cleanly

·The white ink can be used with the color ink of other manufacturers, and has strong applicability

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·High elasticity, soft to the touch

·Washable, good washing effect

·Good bonding effect, not fall off

·Stable performance, anti-yellowing

·Uniform particles, easy to shake powder

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·No need to cut & weed, Rich colors, no crack, no fade, non-toxic

·Bright in color, soft to the touch

·Good elasticity,rubbing resistance

·Good washing effect, no cracking

·No moq

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Why choose us?

·Quality: automated production line, higher batch stability, to ensure quality differences

·Efficiency: smooth printing, no blockage of the nozzle, reduce loss and improve production efficiency

·Cost: 10-20% more area can be used, which can greatly reduce the production cost

How DTF work?

Step 1 - Printing

Create a mirror image of the print design using a white base color

Step 2 - Printing:Powdering

This process is done by Automatic Powder Shaker or manual, application the hot melt powder on the film

Step 3 - Melting the powder

Placed in a curing oven and heated, until the powder melts

Step 4 - Transfer

Transfer the image to garment by heat press machine or iron

Step 5 - Cool peel

Peel off the film when the pattern and clothing have cooled

DTF Printing Solution

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