Flower Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl

WengNancy ·
As we have tried basic flex heat transfer vinyl, many creators are looking for new htv to better apply in their works. With pattern heat transfer vinyls becoming more and more popular, today I am going to introduce you our new flowered pattern heat transfer vinyl, it will bring new ideas for your design.

Flowered pattern htv coming out at the half year of 2021, it is made of 100% PU material, the available vinyl is about 110microns, has good touch and excellent elasticity.

It's suitable for creating patterns in big size, and easy for cut and weed. After heat pressing, it can keep its good pattern after stretching.

The process is as following:
Step 1: Design the pattern on computer, make it in reverse
Step 2: Put the item on the mat with the carrier side down, and load it into your machine, with iron-on blade settings to cut it.
Step 3: Weeding the excess vinyl with tweezers
Step 4: Preheat the fabric/substrate to remove the moisture and keep it flat
Step 5: Put the item on the fabric/substrate with the carrier upside
Step 6: Cover it with a Teflon sheet for protecting the item
Step 7: Heat transfer with 150°C/302°F,12s, heat evenly with medium pressure
Step 8: After heat press, cool it down and then peel the carrier

With its good characteristics, it can apply for most fabrics, can be decorate clothes, shoes, caps, suitcase and other fabric things. PS: water-proof fabric will not be suggested for decorated with heat transfer vinyl, its special coating will not work well with vinyls.

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