Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl

WengNancy ·
As we all know that It's difficult to catch the moment when things changing, such as the maple turns red from yellow, the sky turns light from dark, the ice turns clear water from blue ice, the flowers bloom into different colors,etc,.

Although we can't catch the time, we have an idea to memory the moment with color changing heat transfer vinyl, we can memory all things in clothes, gifts bags, cap, shoes,

It shows 4 color change, blue turns purple, orange turns yellow, deep purple turns baby blue, and green turns lemon yellow, the change condition is the temperature shall over 28℃.

95% PU made of this heat transfer vinyl, the thickness is 200microns, 61cm*50m/roll. After test, we suggest to heat press with 150℃ in 10-15s will be the better transition, medium force is enough.

Once we get this vinyl, only a computer and a cutter we make so many patterns. It will be special creation in various days to memory the cherish moment with the scenes together with our friend or family.

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