DTF Inks

DTF Inks

DTF Inks


Product Description:

  • Cription:ackage: 1L/bottle

  • The Print head: EPSON DX5/7/5113 / L805 1 L800 / R1390 / R600 1/ P800, star 1024, konica, 1024, etc

  • Color: CMYK & White

  • Quantity: 12bottles/box

  • Net Weight: 13kg

  • Gloss Weight: 14.5kg

  • Package: 38*28*25cm

  • Excelent washing ability, not easy fade,Bright color, long expiry day

  • Should be used with DTF paper/film and hot melt adhesive powder

  • Applications: Cotton, fabric, leather, wood, swimsuit, wetsuit, high elastic fabric, canvas

  • Storage: Keep in container with 5-40°C