Pet Release Film

Pet Release Film

Pet Release Film


Product Description:

  • General PET films for most screen printings and offset printings

  • Back coated with the anti-sticky agent to avoid sticky by the pressure during long-distance transportation, to avoid scrap

  • Coated with many layers of special agents, give a good absorption

  • The smallest line of offset prints can be 0.5mm; Care label is 0.15mm, screen print is 0.2mm

  • Perfect transferred in temperature 130-150°C Have tested relevant chemical by SGS testing bodies and get an REACH certificate

  • Size: 39*54cm/ 48*64cm/ 50*70cm

  • Thickness: 75/ 100micron

  • Customization is available

  • Quality material coated with special release agent

  • Good characteristic of anti-static and anti-sticky, work well with oily ink, water-base ink, solvent ink

  • Work well with screen printing machine, offset printing machine or digital printer