Hologram Heat Transfer Vinyl

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With the continuous development of the times, there more and more different kind of vinyl appeared . And Hologram heat transfer vinyl has become the main role in many categories. It’s use laser materials connect with heat transfer printing so that it is a special heat transfer material in garment industry. Because the shinny colors so it very popular for young people also .


Meanwhile it have 13 different shinny colors and each color can show your personality, if you would like to be a Fashion and Personality on 2022 that hologram vinyl should be a main part of in your clothes .

And it mostly used to bag-decoration,; club T-shirt;cap ; Cheer up team T- shirt etc .

Material Specifications



Safety: SGS Certified

ransfer temperature:130-150℃

Transfer time:10-15s

Care: washing temperature 40-60℃

Wash more than 5 times,30 min/time

Cold peeling

Heat Press Process :

(1)Use plotter machine cut the shape in need,then tear away other film ,cutting depth between 10-30um,cutting pressure between 160-170GF is the best.

(2)Tear away the protect film

(3)Transfer temperature between 130-150℃,10-15s,transfer pressure 20-30 LB.

(4)Tear away the film after it turns cold


Satey Guaranted :

Meanwhile , We have testing department , Keep the quality in safe so that we can control the quality and Maintain your stable market quality needs .

Qualified Certificates :

Continuous development until now ,we passed :




*Alibaba Key Acount

*Sewage discharge permit


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