Econo-PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

WengNancy ·
Although compared to PU flex heat transfer vinyl, econo-PU is lower content in PU, it has good flex and soft touch.

1. The thickness of Econo-PU is 150micron, thin and light
2. Easy weed & peel, can heat transfer on the most clothes,waterproof except
3. Has vibrant 13 colors for choose, to make creative personalized DIY
4. The size is 50cm*50m/roll, can customize the size

How to use?
Step 1: Design the pattern on computer, make it in reverse
Step 2: Put the item on the mat with the carrier side down, and cut it
Step 3: Weeding the excess vinyl with tweezers
Step 4: Heat transfer with 150°C/302°F,12s, heat evenly with medium pressure
Step 5: After heat press, cool it down and then peel the carrier

It can be used for various types of fabric, such as cotton, polyester, polyth cotton &polyester blended, leather, spandex, apply for t shirt, hoodie, hat, coat, canvas bag, pillow, etc., which is not bad as a present.

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