Animal Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

Animal Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

WengNancy ·
Animals patterns are always as symbols of wild style in fashion industry. As as provider of clothing accessories, this year we have some new patterned vinyl came out, they may be a choice when you want to wear personalized.

The first one is zebra heat transfer vinyl, which consist of white and black patterns, the other is series leopard heat transfer vinyl, including 6 different patterns.

These new arrivals are made of 100% PU material that touch soft and has elasticity which will not be deformed after heat press. Both thickness is 150microns, the size which the regular is 50cm*50y per roll can be customized.

With the wild style, they can be apply for design t-shirt, shoes, hats, handbag or pillows, to make them more fashion, vigor and vitality.

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