Is heat transfer vinyl the same as iron-on?

Is heat transfer vinyl the same as iron-on?

WengNancy ·
When gotten the basic product training and talked about heat transfer vinyl, our new coleague sometimes felt confused about another name of it——iron-on. Is heat transfer vinyl the same as iron-on? Absolutely, yes it is.

They means the same product, but a little different. Iron-on is named as it mostly used with iron to heat transfer, it's convenient and low cost compare to using with a heat press machine for families. When we use the iron, the pressure is out of control, so sometimes the vinyl called Iron-On may be thinner than heat transfer vinyl. Like we have Q1 series heat transfer viny, and we have Q1-9 iron-on customized for iron user.

So when we use iron we need to spend more time to heat press to ensure it has good adhesion on objects, while we use heat press machine for transfer, we also need to control the press pressure and time.

Bellow the process of Q1PU htv:

1. Design on computer and make the pattern in mirror mode
2. Put the back side of vinyl on cutter and press start button
3. Peel off the useless vinyls with hand and use the tweezers to weed the small area
4. Pre heat the object to remove the moisture
5. Set iron: time 16s, 160℃; set heat press machine: 10-15s, 150-160℃,medium force
6. After heat press, cold peel

That is all. If you have any questions, please leave the comment, and we will share more soon

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