What color of vinyl do you use for patterns?

What color of vinyl do you use for patterns?

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Although various heat transfer vinyls in our studio, many people have no any thoughts to select vinyl type and the color to match patterns. As a designer, the visual control is very important, today we are going to share with you some color matching skills.

1 Match color with phase
In-phase matching refers to matching the colors of the same hue, and the range of color selection is controlled within the 30 degree Angle of the basic hue in the hue ring. Such color matching is simple and harmonious in the sense of hue, and it is very easy to unify.

2 Similar color matching
Similar color matching is the use of little difference in color matching, the color selection range is more than 30 degrees but less than 90 degrees in the color ring. Similar color matching can cause the mutual fusion of hue, thus presenting a stable sense of unity.
Because the color phases used in similar color matching are adjacent, they often have the same sense of cold and warm or soft and hard, which is suitable for the performance of common, mutual echo, resonance and unified focus of the picture theme.

3. Get color matching from nature
A large part of human cognition and feeling of color comes from nature. For example, seeing red will associate with flame, so they feel the intensity of red. Seeing blue will be associated with the ocean, and therefore feel blue peace; People associate yellow with sunlight and feel its warmth.
This kind of natural tonal can remind viewers of the beautiful scenery and artistic atmosphere represented by the colors, arousing people's emotional resonance for the picture.

4.Gradient and interval matching
A set of colors used can be called a gradient as long as it changes gradually in the direction of the hue ring.
Use gradually become angry to be able to form integral confluence feeling, do not have opposite feeling, let a person feel stable with grace.
In contrast to gradients, the group colors used when matching multiple colors on a hue ring that are clearly separated and not contiguous are known as spacers. Interval color pays more attention to the independent feeling of each color, does not care about the sequence of hue ring, what show is free and open feeling, give a person with vitality and stretch feeling.

5.No color matching
A color refers to a series of colors including black, white, and gray that do not contain a hue or belong to any of the hue rings. There are two ways to use colorless in graphic design: one is that the whole picture adopts colorless collocation, such color combination is full of classic, nostalgic and deep feeling. Another part of the picture are no color, its aim is to highlight the part of color, let the viewer's attention to color, more conducive to the performance of the theme.

That's all for today, please follow us, we will share more different skills tips!

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