FAQ For Offset Printing Transfer Sticker-A level

WengNancy ·

1.Can I put many artworks on one mold?

Of course, you can put many artworks on one mold, which can save lots of mold fee for you.


2.Need I pay again for mold fee if I reorder?

If your reorder exactly the same artwork as before, then no need mold fee again, but if your reorder quantity is less than our MOQ 500sheets, then need extra cost for opening machine.


3.How can I do if my fabric will sublimate?

We can add anti-sublimation effect for you, but can’t promise 100% anti-sublimation, because we don’t know what chemicals in your fabric. But we can promise to reduce your sublimate problem.


Normally will print white back on the design . in this design the window design is too slim line , white ink can not cover the window part 100% . this will result the window part not brightly as other part..


Just like the following effect:

4.How can I know whether my fabric will sublimate or not?

Test :
Cover white fabric on dark fabric,heat press at 220℃,25 s .If there are some color on the white fabric,it means color through.
The heat transfer sticker need add anti sublimation effect to prevent from color through.

just to confirm and choose our material to fit your fabric to reach best effect

 5.Do you have any certification?

All our raw materials are imported with high quality, and we have passed SGS and Oeko-Tex100 certification.

 6.How is the wash?

Our transfer stickers are washable, they can be washed 40-60 times at least and good hand-feelings after transfer. We also do wash test with professional washing machine by ourselves. So don’t be worry.

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