How to deal with the fade of printing!?

WengNancy ·

Printing patterns fade is a problem that many people have encountered, most of clothes are fade because they are washed many times, but sure, quality is another reason. So, for the above questions, let’s see how professional people solve it——

Don't let fade as an excuse for failure:

  1. Prepress inspection, firstlycheck the fabric if it will fade or not, if you don’t have a good detection tool, you can use a glass instead, cut a part of the fabric, put into boiling water(about 80 ℃), and cover it,  observe the change of water 10 minutes later.
  2. Prepress proofing, if you found the color of customers‘s cloth will affect the color of pattern, please timely notice your customers and  suggest them to print anti-sublimation ink for the patterns.
  3. Printing anti-sublimation ink or not, there are some tips: If your fabrics don’t fade seriously, you can only print white or clear anti-sublimation ink; it your fabric fade seriously, you have to printgray-based anti-sublimation ink, besides, if it’s better to print original anti-sublimation ink or not, if it’s better to print Nylon clear ink then print anti-sublimation or not, you should depends on real situation.
  4. In addition, you have to consider the issue of printing fastness,when you chose fabric for printing, please be cautions. Otherwise, while the anti-sublimation effect gets good effect, printing fastness is bad, it will be worse! As printing manufacturer, any process can’t really be



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