How to protect the heat transfer logo on the t-shirt?

WengNancy ·

Nowadays heat transfer logo is becoming more and more popular. Different logo on the t-shirt shows different style. However if you do not know how to protect them, it is easy to be damaged.

So now I will introduce some ways how to protect them as following:

  • The t-shirt will be lightly hard after press the logo, but it will be soft after you wash them. (Usually it had better to wash 2 days later after pressing).
  • Please do not rub the t-shirt with logo, or the dirt is easy to adhere to the t-shirt.
  • Do not wash the t-shirt by detergent with bleach. Please wash it with less than 40 ℃ water.
  • It had better not to wash by machine. Make the t-shirt turn to inside if you use washing machine. After washing, please take them out. Do not dry it by machine.
  • Please do not scrub the neckline strongly to avoid out of shape.
  • Please dry it naturally. Do not make them expose in the sun.
  • If the t-shirt needs to be ironed, it can be used by modest temperature after drying.
  • After ironing, please do not make the t-shirt put into small space. It can be hang by clothes stand to keep t-shirt flat.

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