What can we do if there are problems during pressing

WengNancy ·

With the development of heat transfer, there are more and more heat transfer technology in the market because of more and more heat transfer material.


In order to make the heat transfer logo get best effect, we need to choose proper materials as well as press on the t-shirt correctly.


We collect some problems during pressing and offer the certain solutions as follows:


  • Why sometimes the heat transfer logo can not be pressed on the t-shirt strongly
  1. The pressure or temperature is not enough-----make pressure more heavy and pressure higher
  2. The heat transfer materials can not matched with fabric---- Choose proper type based on fabric


  • The effect is not enough glossy and it is unclear after pressing

  The transfer temperature is too high and pressure is too heavy

 ----make the pressure and temperature less


  • The pressure is not average at the same silicone plate when pressing

  The imagine area varies greatly and the transfer pressure is differential-----Make the press higher with big imagine. It is better to put the Teflon sheet on the t-shirt.







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