3D Heat Transfer Sticker

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3D heat transfer sticker means, the design will show 3D effect after heat press with heat press machine. Qingyi company has many types of heat transfer stickers, which can present 3D effect after heat press?  Let’s see——

  1. AC06 puff effect heat transfersticker: puff effect heat transfer is printed on the based of original A-level standard heat transfer sticker, just print puff effect material in original sticker, so that the pattern has a 3D  effect,fit for woman's or kid's wear
  2. AW16 3D thick heat transfersticker: this product is printed with water-based inks, with good flexibility and softness,super good 3D effect,accept print with single color or overprint with multi-color , good wash ability,strong color fastness and pass SGS environmental certification.
  3. AW17 special 3Dheat transfer sticker: special 3D heat transfer sticker use special substrate, such as reflective effect, metallic effect, pearl effect Other properties is the same with regular 3D thick heat transfer sticker.
  4. BC06puff effect heat transfer:puff effect heat transfer is printed on the based of the original B-class standard heat transfer sticker, and then print domestic acrylic materials, allow to custom any patterns, after heat press,the surface can be flat light, matte or glossy, feel smooth, colorful ,the pattern is clear and realistic.

These four kinds of Qingyi heat transfer sticker whether meet everyone's request? If you want to know about heat transfer information,please contact us!

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